Memory Care in Oklahoma City, OK

Providing a warm, nurturing community for our Memory Care residents is a priority at Rambling Oaks Courtyard. We understand that no matter what stage of memory loss a person is experiencing, he or she deserves the utmost love and respect. Not only do we work to ensure our residents’ dignity, we also provide all the other things that make a life comfortable, fulfilling, and happy.

We offer a small, secure Memory Care neighborhood within our community. Residents actively enjoy the spacious common spaces and their apartments, while they are easily monitored by staff from the middle of the neighborhood. This allows our residents to maintain some independence yet keeps them from becoming confused, and ensures their safety.

Aside from the physical layout, there are many other ways we cater to memory loss patients. Our staff practices Validation Therapy, which helps us communicate to our patients when their reality is different from ours. We focus on assuring our residents that we understand what they perceive to be real, regardless of whether it is actually real. This helps soothe our residents and greatly reduces their anxiety. In addition, we use tools such as life skills stations and reminiscing boxes, which reconnect our residents to meaningful skills and activities and offer great comfort to them. Life skills stations provide small environments with which they are familiar and to which they can easily relate and enjoy. Some examples include:

  • Vanity Station: Vanity area with hats, jewelry, and other accessories and a mirror
  • Baby Nursery: Residents can care for baby dolls and use the changing table.
  • Office: Desk area with old fashioned typewriter
  • Resting Station: Area to sit or lie down

The reminiscing boxes contain themed items, such as wedding-related things or various hand tools. This is a one-on-one activity that encourages residents to recall and discuss memories associated with each theme.

With the special care and activities offered to Memory Loss residents, they will feel at ease and loved in our community.