Dining at Rambling Oaks Courtyard

Residents at Rambling Oaks Courtyard can look forward to three deliciously meals per day, and the best part is that they are prepared by someone else! Our dining services coordinator will ensure that residents have a satisfying and convenient experience at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only do our residents not have to worry about buying ingredients, cooking, and doing dishes, they don’t even have to worry about waiting in a line. Our waitstaff will take orders and serve each meal to your table in our large dining room.

Our staff uses fresh ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables and prepares most meals from scratch. After enjoying a large noontime meal, such as chicken with mashed potatoes, or other favorites, residents can look forward to something on the lighter side for dinner, such as soup and a sandwich. Menus are provided, but residents can also rely on standard dishes, such as a cheeseburger or salad. Residents are welcome to get their own drink from the beverage area or receive assistance from the staff.

Realizing that preferences can vary, the staff is willing to assist with dietary needs. Low carb meals can be prepared or items can be pureed if necessary. In addition, residents are welcome to make special requests at the monthly meetings. This offers a chance for residents can express likes and dislikes and even suggest a special meal that is not a regular choice on the menu.

For those days when a resident is not feeling well, he or she can request that the meal be delivered to his or her room. Also, Assisted Living residents can prepare small meals or snacks in their rooms with the provided microwave and refrigerator and freezer. If desired, residents can add a toaster oven or coffee maker to the kitchenette as well.

Though every meal is a social event, our guests especially enjoy the holiday feasts, with a traditional Christmas ham or Thanksgiving turkey, friends and family will be eager to join the celebration. We also honor moms with a Mother’s Day brunch and dads with our burgers and beer social. Families are also welcome to use our dining room for other family parties or functions or can simply join their loved one any time by simply purchasing a meal ticket prior to the meal.